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On this page you can see the film productions I have made, which have been shown at film festivals. Their respective posters and key text will explain which festivals they participated in, as well as which awards they won or were nominated for.

​MY FRIEND ARTEMIS (2020):Producer, Script, Co-director, B-photo and colorist

4 Award Winner
Minimalen Short Film Festival
Channel Islands International Film Awards
CKF International Film Festival
Milan Gold Awards

3 Finalist
European Cinematography AWARDS (ECA)
Across the Globe Film Festival
Golden Short Film Festival

8 Selected
Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival
Beeston Film Festival
American Documentary And Animation Film Festival and Film Fund
Global Indie Film Fest
Venice Shorts
PRIDE Queer Film Festival

My Friend Artemis is a short film that follows Artemis, a Norwegian transwoman who wants to complete her transformation, with the challenges this brings in an early phase of the gender correction process.


Director's statement by Mads Sterri Nilsen:

"My Friend Artemis is a short film that I am proud to show the world. This film was important for me to make because it shows how my friend experiences being a trans woman and the challenges this brings in an early phase of the gender correction process. I also hoped that the film could shed some light on a subject that is still taboo in our society."

Media coverage:


"Last year, Artemis (22) came out as trans. Now her story will be a documentary"

Read the article here

Haugesund newspaper

"It was sad to lose our son at first, but then I realized it was still the same person."
Read the article here

The film can be seen at!
Documentary: My Friend, Artemis (

TARIQ (2017): Directing, Screenplay and Editing

What is TARIQ about?

A 19-year-old Norwegian-Persian person who strives to achieve his dream of becoming an award-winning bodybuilder. Shedding light on the dark side of excessive exercise and body ideal.

3 Official Selection

Documentary Volda

The Minimal Short Film Festival

The Norwegian International Seagull Short Film Festival

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